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Receive a weekly email on Monday mornings to prepare for the week ahead. Unsubscribe at any time.

Powerful Questions

Each week we'll send you a curated set of questions to help you reflect on the past week and prepare for the week ahead.

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We supply the questions; the rest is up to you. Use a paper journal, note app, to talk out loud - up to you.

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We'll email you as a reminder to take time to reflect. Over time, it'll become an automatic habit.

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Asking and answering powerful questions are a great way to unlock your wisdom and the wisdom of others.

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As a Tools for Humanity project, The Week Ahead is free to use, but we'd appreciate feedback so we can learn and have more impact.

"Wisdom is 99 percent about critical reflection on anything you care to be interested in."

Richard Bradley

Why It Works

Proven practices to help you to show up at work authentically and intentionally

Powerful Questions

Powerful Questions are open-ended questions that invite exploration. People often asked closed questions. For example "Do you need any help?" which often leads to a yes or no answer. Reframing this as a powerful question "What could accelerate your efforts?" invites a much richer and nuanced answer full of possibility to learn, grow, and make better decisions.

Powerful questions are a proven tool for developing stronger metacognition, which is having awareness, understanding, and control of your thought process. Combined with Learning Loops, they can help you navigate with life more confidence and clarity.

Learning Loops

Developing a weekly practice of asking and answering powerful questions is a Learning Loop.

Learning Loops are a proven tool based on spaced repetition learning, which involves revisiting thinking over time to reinforce what you've learned, developing a stronger understanding, and clarify what to do next. They can help you make meaning, navigate obstacles, identify options, make decisions, and take action.

Learning loops are a great tool for showing up authentically and intentionally at work (and in life), putting you in the driver's seat.

Start Owning Your Week!

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